Measuring and Information System for Divers

Naroch-2 Measuring and Information System for Divers (MISD) is designed for enhancement of diving safety and effectiveness by providing divers and diving supervisor with all the required information on operating diving and providing for underwater communication and navigation data.

Scope of application

Diving activities, special tasks requiring diving at depths down to 80 meters using autonomous and hose-connected equipment.


        <ul class="check">
            <li>monitoring of location and spatial orientation of diver using hydroacoustic navigation system data and using data of built-in depth, heading, rolling and trim sensors;</li>
            <li>diver’s state monitoring using data of pulse and breathing rate sensors;</li>
            <li>monitoring of current diving parameters: depth, diving time, breathing stock, ambient water temperature;</li>
            <li>provides diver with possibility to follow the predetermined route along with display of directions for the predetermined reference points;</li>
            <li>acoustic display of situation when connected to sound-imaging device;</li>
            <li>short text message exchange between divers and diving supervisor;</li>
            <li>retransmission of all data on diving to supervisor via hydroacoustic communication channel;</li>
            <li>record and playback of data collected from all the connected devices.</li>

Main specifications

Operating depth range up to 80 m
Weight of MISD underwater unit not less than 7 kg
Continuous operation time not less than 7 h
Battery Li-Ion, 22.2 V 14 Аh
Display colour, 6.5"
Navigation and communication range up to 500 m
Positioning inaccuracy by range not more than 5%
Positioning inaccuracy by bearing not more than 5 deg.
Warning signal in case diver’s state parameters are out of norm limits available
Number of divers up to 4 persons
Update rate via hydroacoustic data channel 0.2 Hz
Wireless diagnostics and setup via Wi-Fi available
Equipment type hose-connected/autonomous

Special feature

  • The system features new functional capability of diver’s state monitoring with the help of biometric pulse and breathing rate sensors that transmit the collected data to diving supervisor.