KASATKA Fire Alarm System

Kasatka Fire Alarm System is an analogue addressable system designed for automatic detection of fire and prefire situations, indication of alarm and warning signals on the front panels of TsP and VI devices and transmitting it to external circuits, as well as transmitting current information on fire-hazardous situation in monitored premises with the generation of recommendations for crew acting in the fire situation.

The system includes:„

  • TsP central device which processes data on the monitored environment condition and detects the exact location of the fire breakout;
  • VI remote indicator;
  • „AP addressing devices with intrinsically safe circuit of sensor power supply;
  • short circuit automatic circuit breakers for communication lines;
  • sensors and detectors (addressing device interfaced with sensor) – thermal, smoke, flame, manual, and sensors monitoring state of fire-proof doors (devices).

Main specifications

Power supply:


three-phase 380 V 50 Hz
or single-phase 220 V 50 Hz


24 V DC


24 V from the embedded power supply source

Power consumption:


200 VA


150 W

Actuation parameters for the following sensors:

temperature within range

54–100 °С

when smoke generates that causes decreases
in environment optical density within the range


when fire breaks out with equivalent to fire area
with kerosene base 0.1 m2

from 10 m

Operating temperature

0–45 °С

Relative humidity at (25 ± 2) °С

(95 ± 3)%

Average service life

12 years

Special features

  • System control is centralised. Number of addressing devices can be up to 1008.
  • Possibility to install in explosion-hazardous premises.
  • Possibility of fire-proof door state control.
  • The system meets the requirements of RMRS.