Portable Individual Rescue Breathing Gear (PIRBG)

Portable Individual Rescue Breathing Gear (PIRBG) forms part of the General-Purpose Individual Rescue Kit (GPIRK).

PIRBG is designed to provide breathing of crew members and passengers during unassisted rescue from a ditched or sunken aircraft.

PIRBG allows breathing under water at a depth of up to 30 metres for 1.5 minutes (submersion – 30 seconds, being at the depth – 20 seconds, surfacing – 40 seconds), with pulmonary ventilation of up to 30 litres per minute. In addition, PIRBG can be used by divers as a spare respiratory apparatus.

The gear consists of:

  • breathing valve with a mouthpiece and nose clip;
  • compressed-air bottle;
  • suspension and fixation system to attach the gear to the user’s body.

Special features

  • Use of a single-stage diaphragm regulator in the breathing valve. Such a configuration allows operating the device under various conditions with high performance.
  • When charged within operating pressure (from 180 to 200 kg/m2), the gear is ready for use and automatically switches on after the first inhale.
  • Easily charged, safe and ergonomic design, suitable for every-day use.
  • Unfilled air bottle not more than 2.2 kg.