SIRENA-MK Fire Alarm System

Sirena-MK Fire Alarm System is an addressable system designed for reception and processing of fire detector signals, display of fire situation data of the monitored premises, monitoring state of fireproof doors (devices) in the protected premises and communication with interfaced devices via serial channel according to RS-232 standard.

According to the requirements of Customs Union Technical Regulations 012/2011 "On equipment safe utilization in explosion-hazardous environments", the system has an explosion-proof design.

The system is designed for dual-purpose applications: economics industry application (oil and gas production facilities in Far North areas, in tall buildings and civil construction objects) according to requirements of GOST R 53325 standard; and application on the vessels of small displacement according to RMRS "Classification and shipbuilding regulations for vessels".

The system includes:„

  • TsP central device which processes data on the monitored environment condition and detects the exact location of the fire breakout;
  • IP information device;
  • „IPTA, IPRA, IPDA, DTZ, DG1, RI addressing fire sensors and detectors – thermal, smoke, manully-operated;
  • IPTM, IPR, D, T, RI non-addressing fire sensors and detectors – thermal, smoke, manually-operated;
  • AP, EP, PP addressing devices with intrinsically safe power circuit for D, T, RI sensors and IPTM, IPR detectors;
  • short circuit breakers for communication lines;
  • IPKA, ZD fire-proof door (devices) state sensors.

TsP ensures the connection of 20 EP, AP devices or 2 PP devices, or 64 addressing detectors.

Main specifications

Power supply:


220 V 50 Hz


24 V DC

Power consumption:


20 VA


40 W

Actuation parameters for the following sensors:

temperature within range

54–100 °С

when smoke generates that causes decreases in environment optical density within the range


Operating temperature of EP, PP, IPTM, IPR devices

-50 ÷ +50 °С

Relative humidity at (25 ± 2) °С

(95 ± 3)%

Average service life

12 years