SPS-31 Fire Alarm System

SPS-31 Fire Alarm System is a computer-aided analogue addressable system designed for collecting and processing data and automatic detection of fire and pre-fire situations, indication of alarm and warning signals on built-in TsPI, VPI, PSI-1 (2) displays and transmitting them to external circuits, as well as transmitting current information on fire-hazardous situation in monitored premises to interfaced devices with generation of recommendations for crew acting in fire situation.

        <h4>The system includes:</h4>
        <ul class="check">
            <li>TsPI Central Information Panel;</li>
            <li>PSI-1 and PSI-2 data collecting and processing devices;</li>
            <li>VPI external indication panel;</li>
            <li>P-220, P-380 power supply units;</li>
            <li>addressing device with intrinsically safe circuit for sensor power supply;</li>
            <li>various types of sensors;</li>
            <li>PV-D actuation unit control device.</li>

Main specifications

Power supply:


220 V 50 Hz


24 V

P-220 power consumption:


200 VA


150 W

Actuation parameters for the following sensors:

temperature within range

54–100 °С

when smoke generates that causes decreases
in environment optical density within the range


when fire breaks out with equivalent to fire area
with kerosene base 0.1 m2

from 10 m

Operating temperature 0–45 °С
Relative humidity at (25 ± 2) °С (95 ± 3)%
Average service life 12 years

Special features

  • Modular design.
  • Number of addressing devices can be up to 5481.
  • Possibility to install in explosion-hazardous premises.
  • Possibility of fire-proof door state control and monitoring.
  • The system meets the requirements of RMRS.